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Underground Drain – French Drain

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Underground Drain System

Something that can be very damaging to the foundation of a home is exterior water. A gutter’s purpose is to move water from a roof to the desired location, but usually, this is right by the foundation of a home. A downspout of a gutter needs to divert water away from a foundation. How can this be done? By installing underground gutter drainage also known as French Drains. These systems route rainwater, away from your home or business and foundation, to an appropriate drain. This helps protect your foundation from water damage.

We also install “The Ultimate Downspout Screen.”

Ultimate Downspout Screens

Downspouts that run directly into an underground can become clogged. So how do we prevent this from happening at all? We have found the solution and it’s called “The Ultimate Downspout Screen”. This device prevents buildup of debris by filtering and keeping it out your underground system. Any that is capable of clogging gets caught by the screen and is then deflected out of the drainage system.

French Drain Cleaning

Underground drains carry rainwater away from the gutter’s downspouts under driveways, walkways, patios and other obstacles. Most homes have one or two underground drains. Underground drains are often an overlooked but key part of a home’s drainage system.

The underground drains should be checked every time you have the gutters cleaned. If the gutters and downspouts are clear and the underground drains are clogged the rainwater will back up and eroding away at the foundation. Most underground drains come out at the curb, woods or into a French drain system (a pit of crushed stone buried under the lawn).

We use a non-destructive process that does not destroy the inside of the pipe. We can unclog most any underground drain system. If the pipe has become overgrown with roots or is crushed, we can repair the damaged drain or in some cases we might have to replace it.  

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